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1. Don't worry about calorie counting or fad diets, aim to eat healthy, nutritious and balanced meals. I follow the Paleo eating plan - which isn't a diet! It's just eating the things we're supposed to eat and cutting out the modern, processed, toxin laden, sugary rubbish that is responsible for so many peoples poor level of health and fitness.

This is a great website if you would like more information -

2. Get your exercise programme right. Intensity is key, but it's all relative and it's also important to realise that what works for one person may not work for another. Make sure you switch things up regularly and keep it interesting.

Here are a few interesting articles -

3. Rest is important and try not to stress. Sleep is important for so many of our body's processes- neurological performance, hormone function, immune system functioning, and musculoskeletal growth and repair. Stress causes elevated levels of the hormone cortisol which break down muscle and promote fat storage.

4. Drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated means your body will try hard to hold onto water (fluid retention) but it will also impact kidney and liver function which in turn will impair your metabolism.

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