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About Matt


I have a BSc in Sports Science and qualified as a personal trainer in California. Whilst in the USA I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the top US professionals, including former Olympian Maurice Greene and NASM Master Instructor Scott Mitchell.

My sessions focus on functional/everyday movement; using elements of flexibility, core, balance, plyometric and weight training.

The programme is based around the NASM training model. This involves five phases of training that can be adapted to any goal. It is a fantastic way to keep things fresh, stop plateaus in achievement and also give structure to your workouts. It also means that you will see continued advancements in both performance and results.

I also follow a Paleo nutritional plan. You can find more detail on this at, there's loads of great information on building health as well as fitness

I know that keeping in shape doesn't fit easily with the stresses of modern life. Diet, specifically the amount of sugar in everything (not to mention all the other toxins in our environment), demands of home and work, as well as many other pressures, make it hard for your body to function as it should. I will show you how to make the most of your time and what to do in order to get the best out of your fitness drive.

I prefer to build into things gently, in our first session we may only get into the gym for 20 minutes, but I will soon be expecting you to push yourself to new heights. If you have done all I've asked then you will start to feel the difference after two weeks and see noticeable results after four. For fat loss clients a typical result would be 2kg of body fat lost over one month.

I strive to make goals realistic and achievable. There are no short cuts and I want the results I get with clients to be sustainable. Not only will we look at how to build in the most effective exercise regime for you but also look at lifestyle and nutritional choices that mean you will be able to keep up and improve on your own fitness.

On a more personal note I have always enjoyed sports, my main passions are basketball and rugby, and have been involved with many of the local clubs at some point. However in recent years I have also started to rock climb, mountain bike and snowboard.

I am friendly and approachable, so even if it's just for a bit of help or advice, get in touch and see what I can do for you.

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