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Improve your health and fitness. Lose body fat, build muscle - feel great!

Based in Great Shelford and working out of gyms in Cambridge and Little Shelford I am well placed to provide an effective, flexible and, hopefully, fun personal training service. I am happy to come to you for a free initial consultation. Once we've established the best way to drive the results you want; we can continue personal training sessions at your home, another convenient location or in the gym.


The comprehensive fitness plan we make together will not only detail the best exercises to improve your health and fitness but also incorporate simple to follow dietary advice as well as the other important, but often overlooked, elements that combine to ensure you get the most out of your investment. 

  • Train in your own home or the private Onelife training studio in Little Shelford​
  • Personalised programmes
  • Simple dietary advice
  • Body composition testing to show monthly progress
  • Free consultation
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